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Nulgath Birthday 2020

New map /join nulgath 3 new class added!

1. Void Dragon Tamer (1% thanatos drop)

2. Evolved Fiend (100 diamond of nulgath)

3. Hanzo Void (Hard farm)

New items for diamond of nulgath in new map

1. Hanzo Void set

2. HypeFiend set

3. Nation Jolly roger

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Time Space

Heroes of Nereus! We got an emergency! Time & Space has gotten out of control because of all the Time Anomaly, Time Pirates, Time Beast that keeps shifting through Time and Space! Join /timeprotectorhq To assist Time Protector!

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Winter Spirit BUG

change :

  • 1. Now Winter loot box tradeable
  • 2. Winter Spirit bundle removed from adam shop
  • 3. Winter loot box Quest in 2020
  • 4. We delete Winter spirit set from ur bag
  • 5.Turnin quest winter spirit got New Achievement
  • 6.You need atleast 100 Winter loot to getting winter Spirit bundle
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